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Board 1, Title-Intro
Board 2, Clay 1
Board 3, Clay 2
Board 4, Glaze & Bisque
Board 5, Glaze Testing
Board 6, Firing 1
Board 7, Firing 2
Board 8, Ceramic Product
Board Sources Info
Board Sources Imagery

"Englazed-The Science of Ceramics" Informational Boards

graphic design work for thesis studio art project, 2017

assorted size, foamboard

Stay Smart Poster
RCCP Logos
Bubbles Poster
Ninja Poster
Color Blocks Poster
Fish Poster
Toilet Poster

Health Finders, public health non-profit

branding project for Chlamydia screening services

11 x 17 posters & logo

Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3

Schuss Ski logos

design exercise for hypothetical ski company

Golden Ratio 1
Golden Ratio 2
Golden Ratio 3
Golden Ratio 4
Golden Ratio 5
Golden Ratio 6

Reel Rocks event posters

design exercise using the Golden Ratio

11 x 17 posters

Flaten Lecture Poster 1
Flaten Lecture Poster 2
Flaten Lecture Poster 3

art lecture event posters

design exercise using elements from external influences

11 x 17 posters

event posters

design exercise exploring color and graphic organization

11 x 17 posters

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