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I study rivers and the ways they transport sediment to understand flood hazard in the Pacific Northwest. I use data analysis, remote sensing and models to investigate how rivers are changing in shape and hydrologic regime.



  • Ahrendt, S., Blom A., Van Denderen, R. P., Schielen, R. M. J., Horner-Devine, A. R., (in review) Geometric floodplain controls on riverbed elevation change within and between flood events

  • Ahrendt, S., Horner-Devine, A. R., Collins, B., Morgan, J., Istanbulluoglu, E., (2022) Channel Conveyance variability can influence flood risk as much as streamflow variaibility in western Washington State, Water Resources Research.

  • Morgan, J. A., Kumar, N., Horner-Devine, A. R., Ahrendt, S., Istanbullouglu,
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AGU 2020 Virtual Presentation

CSDMS Summer Series 2020, Virtual Presentation